Clothes swapping bonanza

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The UK’s first ever National Clothes Swapping Week (organised by www.Bigwardrobe.com, the Internet’s biggest clothes swapping website) started last Friday - to coincide with London Fashion Week. Fashion fans everywhere are being urged to dig out their unwanted items and list them on Bigwardrobe.com for the busiest and most successful week of clothes swapping in history! The founders of Bigwardrobe.com hope to show people that you don’t have to travel to a fashion capital like London or Paris or Milan - or even spend a single penny - to be 100% on-trend. Happy swapping xxxhttp://www.bigwardrobe.com

Clothes swapping is a great concept -- good for the environment and great for the purse, it offers fashionistas the novelty we crave when we buy something new without the price tag. If you'd like to know more about clothes swapping in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, please go to the Clothing Exchange website.
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