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Do you spend for emotional reasons and want to stop? 

Are you a frugal person who loves shopping? 

Do you who want to save money and stop cluttering your home with things you don’t need? 

We all want to save money and find bargains. But if you want to spend less, it's easy to end up feeling deprived and disappointed when you go shopping.

The Inspired Shopper shows you how to find goods you truly want and need by shopping mindfully. An introduction to the art of slow shopping, it reveals techniques for uncannily spotting bargains, finding goods that ‘fit’ you, and developing new shopping habits. It’s packed with useful information to help you become a skilled and efficient shopper, and save your precious dollars.

You’ll shop less, but you’ll love what you do buy.

This brand new edition fully incorporates the smartphone and internet as part of Inspired Shopping. There's information on  ethical shopping and fashion on a budget, and loads of up-to-the-minute resources for thrifty, frugal, green and fair shopping.

At only $2.99, it's a real bargain - you can buy it safely and securely on Amazon (US, Australia, Canada, India) and Amazon UK.

The Inspired Shopper includes great advice on:

  • saving money
  • decluttering
  • knowing your consumer rights
  • shopping safely on the internet
  • giving inspired gifts
  • buying an appliance, car and even a house
  • supermarket shopping
  • shopping with children and your partner
  • shopping for those with 'too much' money.

Combining the wisdom of personal growth with fascinating shopping facts and real-life shopping adventures (and misadventures), The Inspired Shopper shows you how to become the relaxed, fabulously successful shopper you’ve always wanted to be – and get to know yourself at the same time!