Do you accept money for businesses you highlight?

No. I'm an ex-journalist so I value editorial independence. However, I only highlight businesses that have quirky designs and hopefully sustainable products, or are offering something different.

My readers love hearing about sustainable and quirky businesses. My motivations are to let them know about these businesses; to support traditional shopping strips and small and microbusinesses, especially sustainable/green businesses; and to encourage people to read my blog (and hopefully buy my book!).

I don't have any competing affiliations or hidden agenda.

If and when the blog grows in popularity I would accept advertising for businesses consistent with the philosophy of the blog.

Will you present my business in a good light?

Yes and no. I wouldn't highlight your business if I didn't think there was something interesting and quirky about it, so I am not going to criticise or denigrate it or try and show it in a bad light. However as I'm an ex-journo I value bringing honesty to what I write, and hopefully my readers do too, so I won't gush either! It's a fine line and I am grateful to the businesses who have trusted me on this.

Of course, if your're unhappy with anything in the blog, or I've got the facts wrong, please let me know.

Can I send you photos of my store or cafe?

If I have asked to include you in a feature, yes please! My photographic skills are developing all the time but they are still on the way up.

I can't guarantee I will use all or any pics, but it's great to have more to choose from.


How do I buy The Inspired Shopper?
The book can be bought easily and safely through the Amazon website. If it's the first time you've bought a book through Amazon, you'll be asked to register. It's very easy to do this.

Do I need to buy a Kindle to read it?
No! If you don't have a Kindle, you can download the free Kindle app to read on your PC or tablet.

If you're using Safari on your iPad, Safari on your Mac or PC, or Chrome on your Mac, it's easy to download the Kindle Cloud Reader. This allows you to read Kindle books on your browser without the need for an app.

Buying the book on Smashwords gives you access to most e-book formats, but you don't have to use an ebook reader if you don't want to - you can download the book as a pdf and read it straight away on your tablet, laptop, smartphone or PC.

There's lots of information about budget shopping on the internet. Why should I buy this book?
Much great information about budgeting is available on the internet. Most of these tips rely solely on the rational mind. The Inspired Shopper includes resources about budgeting, as well as lots of great tips. It also enables you to take your emotions into account as a budget shopper, and shows you how to make the most of your intuitive abilities to save money.

I enjoy shopping. Will I lose interest in recreational shopping if I learn the techniques?
Not at all. In fact, you'll have more fun as an inspired shopper, but without the big spend. The thrill of the chase is what makes shopping fun, and there's no need to give that up. What you can afford to give up, or at least drastically reduce, is that awful feeling you get when you come home with something you know isn't right for you.

I feel uncomfortable buying things things on the internet. Will this book help?
The techniques described in the book can be used for bricks-and-mortar as well as online stores, and everything in between! Arming yourself with awareness of intuition is a great thing to do if you want to shop online but feel nervous about it.

I'm a compulsive shopper. Does the book provide advice for people like me?
If you have no control over your shopping and it's ruining your life, you should seek professional help. If you sometimes shop for emotional reasons, The Inspired Shopper offers helpful advice about staying aware of your emotions when shopping. If you are a recovering compulsive shopper and already have support, the book's techniques may be of use in helping you manage your shopping - but only you can make this decision.

Does the book provide consumer information?
The Inspired Shopper provides extensive consumer information for those residing in Australia. It also offers general consumer advice about returning items to stores, internet safety and security, and internet resources for UK and US residents.

Do you have to be interested in spirituality to benefit from this book?
Not at all. You can be an atheist, an agnostic, a member of any religion and still obtain all the benefits. It's not important where your intuition comes from - what matters is that it works, and that it's always there for you.

Should men read this book?
In some ways men may need this book even more more than women. The phrase 'women's intuition' is a misnomer - many men have been taught not to use theirs. While the book is written from a female perspective, it takes men's shopping interests into account and is addressed to both men and women.