Hot off the Press!

Are you drawn to books about positive thinking despite your better judgement? 

Do you guiltily hide your copy of The Secret

Do you yearn for something more, but feel that many New Age philosophies are too simplistic?

This compact book uses the Law of Attraction as a starting point for a discussion of the endless search for meaning.

Clearly detailing why the thinking of The Secret is faulty and will just make you more confused, it encourages you to embark on your own unique journey, and to ask the question: what are the lessons that I need to learn?

Along the way, the author talks about her own experience of a force of good – and how this could be harnessed for improving ourselves and the world.

Described as self-help for progressives, this book could change the way you think about personal growth, and perhaps alter the direction of your own journey. You can buy it on Amazon here.

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