The freedom of not buying

There was something else about my Inspired Shopping trip yesterday that I felt it was worth sharing.

I went to my local shopping centre knowing that two big department stores, one of which is a bit of a favourite of mine, were having pre-Christmas sales. It was a while since I'd bought any new clothes, and I am something of a fashion victim -- no, not one of those people who spends hundreds on clothes every week, but someone who (I've finally realised) needs to feel vaguely fashionable, vaguely well-put-together, most times I walk out the front door.

So I determined to go to these department stores and check out the clothes, to see if anything 'grabbed me'. When I got to my favourite one, I had to admit I felt less than excited. I had a quick scoot around, but nothing jumped out -- and that was fine. It was not my day to buy clothes -- I didn't really feel like trying anything on anyway. It was something of a relief to admit I wasn't going to miss out on anything if I didn't take advantage of these two sales. I bought what I needed to buy at the shopping centre, and left knowing that when it was time to buy a new pair of pants, skirt or top, I'd be back!

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