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Inspired Shopping can take much of the drudgery out of your shopping experiences. It can lead to more successful, happier shopping, and save you time and money. 

On this blog you’ll learn about the basis of Inspired Shopping – how to stay present in the shopping process and use your own inner resources, whatever your budget, to buy the things you want and need, and that are right for you.

Inspired Shopping is not meant to encourage readers to be greedy and focus too much on material goods. On the contrary, it can help you make the most of your money, which will leave you with more to build a secure future for yourself and your family, or support causes you might be interested in. And Inspired Shopping is efficient shopping, which can free up more time for spending on other kinds of outings or pursuing a new hobby.

What is Inspired Shopping?

Inspired Shopping harnesses a marvellous tool that you already have, but may currently only use occasionally, and probably accidentally, to buy the things that will enrich your life – your intuition. It enables you to tap into this wonderful resource every time you go shopping, so that the goods you buy are those you truly want and need, and so that your shopping experiences help you grow as a person.

Intuition is a deep inner knowing, a sense of internal guidance that steers us towards doing things that are the best for us on every level. It can seem like a kind of magic, but it’s very much grounded in the present and our everyday feelings and experiences. Because shopping is about finding the things that are right for us, this ‘sixth sense’ can be always at the ready when we’re at the shops.

In Developing Intuition, personal growth teacher Shakti Gawain insists that ‘if we have too many things we don’t truly need or want, our lives become overly complicated’. When you become an inspired shopper the material goods you buy will be in harmony with who you are and your life journey; they will truly enhance your lifestyle, and in some cases will even enhance your self-development!

Buying this way will inevitably save you money (unless you’re seriously phobic about spending, in which case it might free you to spend a little more). But saving money is a wonderful byproduct of the process.

Another great effect of Inspired Shopping is that you stay in touch with who you are and your personal journey while you shop. Inspired Shopping is about seeing shopping as an adventure and allowing yourself to stay present and feel your emotions while buying the goods that are right for you. You’ll discover that ‘tuning in’ rather than ‘tuning out’ can be a marvellous way to allow your intuition to lead you to exciting and unexpected shopping finds, and you’ll become a smarter, calmer, more aware shopper.

My book, Inspired Shopping, shows readers how to use their intuition for great results in a range of shopping situations, including returning goods, buying big-ticket items, shopping on the internet, shopping with children, friends and partners, and supermarket shopping. While it can help you regardless of income, it's especially useful to those on a strict budget.

I believe that Inspired Shopping can help you reduce your carbon footprint by buying less as well as slow down. But I'm not trying to tell people to stop leisure shopping -- just suggesting that they make a few positive changes so that they get more out of it, and take less of the world's resources in the process.

I hope you enjoy reading and learning about Inspired Shopping.

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